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Chips, Cracks, Peeling, Blisters & Rust

Damage can be as little as a scatch in a new tub or a cracked pealing shower pan, or a large hole in the wall of a fiberglass shower or tub. Your jacuzzi may have blusters, or your tub surface is worn down. At Modern Refinishers, we first have to determine what caused the damage to your tub and shower. Then after a few key questions about the job we can give you a good idea as to how we would resolve the problem. With all repairs, after we repair the surface, we proceed to color match the area to the color of the surrounding area so you cannot detech the repair.

Repair Products

We use several different products on the market, there is not one product that fits all when it comes to repairs. What we use on porcelain is different than what we would use on fiberglass, or gelcoat. Only time and experience is what makes Modern Refinishers different from other companies that have one product fits all.

When there is a shower with cracks resulting from the lack of floor support underneath, our solution, is to apply different sizes of fiberglass matts to reinforce from the top down, to give the shower the support it needs. We also use insulating foam for the base of the bottom of the shower. After we have a good look at the condition of your shower, then we can determine what would be the best solutions for the job.

Since every repair is different, be it a chip in a porcelain tub to a large hole in the side of a fiberglass shower, we suggest sending us a picture to us so we can give you an accurate quote and we can inform you how we will approach the repair.

Commercial Repairs

We have an incredible discount for commercial repairs. If we are repairing multiple tubs or showers in the same complex and the color of all showers or tubs are the same color, the first repair is full price and all other repairs to other tubs and showers can be as low as $20 dollars or included with the price quote.

Honesty & Integrity

We are honest with our customers and we will tell you if the cost of repairs would be more or less than replacing a sink, since many sinks are easy enough to replace, we often suggest to check the prices at Lowes or Home Depot. We will also tell you if the tub or shower needs to replace. Have a question about repairs...give us a call.